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Toward Building a Sustainable Future

At Golub, our commitment to creating lasting value extends beyond property development and management; we’re dedicated to building healthy communities and fostering a sustainable future. Recognizing the impact that real estate has on climate and our environment, we are proud to announce our latest initiative: GoEnergy.

The GoEnergy initiative is a strategic project designed to elevate the energy performance of every Golub property. Our overarching goal is to assess current energy consumption, pinpoint opportunities for reduction, and strive for benchmarking excellence, with the ultimate aim of achieving net-zero energy.

Partnering with Elara Engineering, a trusted, forward-thinking sustainability expert, we are slated to annually present comprehensive  portfolio findings that not only showcase the progress made but also outline areas for improvement. Understanding the uniqueness of each property, we are conducting on-site reviews of major equipment, encompassing HVAC, water systems, lighting, controls, and more.

GoEnergy aims to identify and prioritize energy conservation measures (ECMs) that incorporate green solutions, renewables, cutting-edge technologies, and compliance with current and future codes. By focusing on opportunities for savings and carbon emission reduction, we aim to make informed decisions that resonate with our commitment to sustainability.

Elara’s team of experts will continue to collaborate with Golub’s leadership to evaluate project findings, highlight energy performance achievements, outline utility savings, and establish updated energy efficiency and carbon reduction goals for each property.

We are excited about the positive impact that GoEnergy will have on our portfolio and look forward to establishing new standards in energy efficiency as we remain dedicated to healthy communities and a more sustainable future.

About Golub & Company

With over six decades of success across several markets, Golub & Company has cultivated a reputation as an active, skilled owner, developer and property manager. The firm is recognized as an industry leader with an effective, hands-on approach from seasoned professionals with high-profile real estate experience. Golub and its affiliates have owned, leased or managed more than 50 million square feet of commercial, mixed-use and multi-family real estate properties, including 45,000 residential units, valued in excess of $10 billion located across the U.S. and internationally.

About Elara Engineering

Since 2001, Elara Engineering – a full service MEPFP consulting engineering firm – has imparted its big picture thinking, practical innovation, sustainable design, and long-term results to improve the functionality and occupant comfort in new and existing buildings. With 32 Chapter, 7 Regional, and 4 International ASHRAE Awards, all while procuring over $7.8M in incentive funding, Elara’s industry leading professional staff is driven by their collective passion to achieve sustainable energy efficiencies through constructible designs that minimize the carbon footprint on the environment, save money, and increase asset value.

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Toward Building a Sustainable Future


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