Chicago high rise creates “smart apartments”

CHICAGO (WLS) — Many of us already hear voice assistant technology like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home making life hands-free. These devices can perform tasks like a thermostat temperature change, playing music on demand and turning on your lights.

Now, local firms Golub & Company and Whiz Cribs are looking to make this tech central to their tenants’ lifestyles with “smart apartments.”

Their goal is to keep apartment renters connected while putting down their phones at home. Alexa helps achieve this by connecting popular smartphone applications and functions through its platform.

“We think this is a trend that’s going to continue to evolve in the marketplace and that there will be more and more features added through this infrastructure,” said Golub Senior Vice President Stephen Sise of the company’s decision to upgrade some luxury units in its Streeterville Moment building and others across the country.

That means new wiring and light switches installed to ensure overhead lighting can be controlled by Alexa. Golub will offer the same upgrade to any tenant who requests it. Sise says those tenants do not pay for installation fees, though rent will be higher for those who opt in. The extra money brings expertise from Whiz Cribs, which helps make the most of Alexa in your home by bridging “the gap between Alexa and their lifestyle and then incorporate it in their living,” explained Whiz Cribs Co-Founder Jordan Cooper.

Cooper says Google and Apple are making strides in voice assistant tech too, though he sees Amazon’s Alexa as the best platform for now.

Plus, as more home appliances develop voice assistant tech, Cooper believes Alexa will continue being compatible; smart apartments may be an investment speaking volumes about our future.

Link: Chicago High Rise Creates “Smart Apartments”